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Shipping costs:

Customers are responsible for shipping and handling costs for VENTA products to be delivered to the place agreed upon. VENTA charges a flat-shipping rate for each order, also when several partial deliveries are involved. The amount of the flat-shipping rate complies to the kind of ordered VENTA-products. The following flat-shipping rates may apply:

  • for orders over 50 €: FREE Shipping
  • for component parts à € 4,90 incl. VAT.

Should a Customer’s order contain different VENTA-products with different shipping rates, the respective higher flat-shipping rate applies for this order uniquely.

Free shipping:

We offer a free delivery on all orders (additives only) with a purchase price greater than 50,00 €. 


Regardless of the billing address you can specify any private delivery address within Germany in your order process. Deliveries abroad are currently not possible. Herefore, please contact our Venta customer service via phone (0751 5008-88) or via e-mail (